Our markets


In response to issues of security and defence, Ateliers ROCHE delivers services for design, industrial development and manufacture which are adapted to the dictates of this sector. For terrestrial, aerial and maritime defence systems, we work on mechanical components and complex mechanical assemblies, including:
• Sonar structures
• Winches
• Antenna structures
• Special presses


The ROCHE M’TECH division of Ateliers ROCHE can rely on its solid experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical, hydraulic and servo presses, to deliver a production line which is adapted to your requirements:
• Presses for the production of battery components
• Servo press for cutting/die-stamping operations
• Forging presses (hydraulic, screw-type, drop-hammer type, etc.)
• Thermoforming presses


Ateliers ROCHE has a presence in numerous energy sectors, including the oil services sector, the chemicals industry, petrochemicals, nuclear power, renewable energies, etc..

In the light of stringent demands for traceability, safety and conformity, we have developed a high degree of control in our manufacturing processes, whether for cast, welded or machined component, subjects to pressure.

We produce the following:
• Gearbox housingsand frames
• Reciprocating compressor components, subjects to pressure
• Pump bodies, turbine bodies and valve bodies
• White metal bearings

We also develop presses for the forming of pipe ends, for premium grade connections in oil and gas pipes


In this sector on a giant scale, our large-dimension capacities (with mechanized welding facilities for up to 80 tonnes) allow us to produce the following:
• Gearbox housings
• Bearing chocks
• Press frame structures
• White metal bearings


By a combination of in-house expertise in mechanized welding and machining with the services of reliable industrial partners, Ateliers ROCHE can support your aerospace projects, addressing the most critical requirements with respect to lead times.

A number of examples are set out below:
• Test benches and tools
• Radar mounts
• Moulds

The ROCHE M’TECH division also supplies special presses for the working of metal foils and the production of composite components.

The CIF Group, through the agency of its subsidiary FERRY CAPITAIN, develops specific grades for high temperature-resistant moulds. The ROCHE M’TECH division also supplies thermoforming presses.


On the basis of our historic operations, we have developed skills in the rail sector for the production of the following:
• Points and crossings
• Test benches
• Couplings
• Various welded and machined components

Ateliers Roche is certified to ISO EN 15085 level CL2

Mining and public works

By sharing the expertise of the CIF Group with the resources and skills of Ateliers ROCHE, we can act as your partners for:

• The manufacture of gearbox housings

The ALC Bearings division can meet your requirements for hydrodynamic bearings which are exposed to high loads:

• Bearings produced by ALC Bearings
• White metal bearing shells


The combined forces of Ateliers ROCHE and the CIF Group allow all your requirements to be met, particularly where accuracy is required in large dimensions.

A flagship project of this partnership is the manufacture of radio telescope antenna structures for astronomical research.